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October 28, 2019 2 min read

4 Things You CAN Control

     One of my all time favorite sayings it "Don't worry about the things you can't control." And I'm sure that hits home for most of us because...well, we're human and we worry. About everything.

     Ironically enough, a great way to combat that is focusing on things you CAN control. Try to focus on a few of these things this week, and see if it helps!

1. Looking For The Positives
It comes SO natural for us to want to go running and complain to our friends (or social media nowadays) after a tough day. It might provide validation, sympathy, or give us the excuses we need. But do you really feel better when you dwell on a negative situation all day? Acknowledge the situation and try to learn something good from it! 

2. Your Effort
You may not get the outcome you want, and know that's totally okay You are not validated by what you have accomplished. As long as you are trying and learning, the growth is all the matters. 

3. How You Treat Others
It's so hard not to want to snap at someone that just said something rude to you. Before you respond, just pause for a minute and collect your thoughts. And ask yourself if you will really feel better if you act the same way towards them (spoiler alert: you won't). 

4. How You Treat Yourself
Have you moved your body today? Have your nourished it with real food? Or the big question...have you been kind to yourself? I'm sure plenty of us have looked in the mirror at some point and thought some not so great things. This week, try talking to yourself like you would to your best friend. Maybe play some Lizzo in the background while you give yourself a pep talk ;) 

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