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May 13, 2020 2 min read


We’re told all the time, “you can do this,” “you can try harder,” “you can overcome it all.” A lot of days this is true. But what about the days when you simply can't? 

Reminding ourselves that we can do these things, and that we WILL do these things, is important. It empowers us. It strengthens us. It moves us forward. Sometimes, though, the things wecan do might feel smaller; they might feel less-than, insignificant, comparatively tiny. But they are just as empowering.

Today, you can struggle. You're allowed to! Somedays, we don't have a good day or a bad day...we just have a day. And that is more than enough. Today, you can take your time getting out of bed or even stay in bed for as long as you need. You can take small steps to start your day. You can, and you should, prioritize your needs and employ self-care; read a book, take a bath, meditate, maybe even sit and cry if that's what you feel like you need. Do what you can to have a day.

And while these accomplishments might feel small, or even counterproductive, they ultimately help us work towards the same goal: self-preservation. How can we “try harder” or “overcome” when we can’t take the time to enable ourselves to feel safe and strong enough to grow?

Here’s the upside: maybe today what I can do feels small, but, tomorrow, because today I allowed myself to simply have a day, I can be more. I can get out of bed on time and make myself a healthy breakfast. I can take a shower, get dressed, and start my day with my feet planted firmly on the ground. 

For that, I am grateful for the day I needed to have yesterday.  I feel blessed for the day I said, “I will do what I can.” Because of that, I can try even harder today. And every day, I can move forward a little more, step by step, towards the goals I’ve set and the life I love.


Don't forget, though, that even with this progress we can still have another tough day. That's okay. Please keep reminding yourself that it is more than okay! Those days aren’t a failure or a step backwards. They are still a sign of forward movement because not only can you keep going but you choose to keep going. And every day that you make this choice you become a little more alive. 

These days deliver us to others in which we can head into the world and be movers and shakers. We can make the world a better place simply by being in it because we have the determination and heart necessary to make others feel just as capable as we are. Let’s tell ourselves like a broken record, “I can, I will, I have, and I won’t ever stop.” Because as long as we can do that, we can do anything.

Written by @EmmyFarstad - efarstad14@gmail.com