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October 02, 2019 2 min read

Last week’s post was all about journaling, and I mentioned a little bit about self affirmations, which is what I want to share with y’all this week. Self Affirmations are a way to positively recognize your value and self worth. Whether you think them, speak them, or write them down, they can be a very powerful force in determining how we see and feel about ourselves.

 I always start my morning by listing a series of self affirmations that pertain to me and what I have going on that day. It is important to select and affirmation that feels right to you. For example to day I woke up, and said out loud to myself," I am hardworking. I am motivated. I am important”. Then I got up and got my day started on the right foot. I had a lot of work and projects that needed to get done today, and just the simple act of speaking those few phrases helped me to feel good about what I had to do today!
Coming up affirmations that feel right to you can take time (and a little getting used to). Here is a list of 10 of my favorite self affirmations to get you started:
  1. I am incredibly talented, and I am going to put those skills to good use today!
  2. I am strong, I have conquered and overcome so many obstacles!
  3. I am beautiful inside and out! 
  4. I am POWERFUL!
  5. I allow myself to be who I am, and to be proud of who I am!
  6. I am making a difference in the world, simply by being a part of it!
  7. I am allowing myself to do what is right for me!
  8. I am worthy of happiness and compassion!
  9. I am in control of my own actions!
  10. I am living my life to the fullest!
Use these examples to get you started but I want to encourage you to come up with ones that are personal and meaningful to you. A great place to start is to make a list of all of the things that you love about yourself, and then turn those into self affirmative phrases. 
Do you use self affirmations already? If so let us know what yours are in the comments!