July 18, 2018

This week's #RadVibeSpotlight of the Week is Alexis Monoogian from Brits in the Bay. Check out why below!

Tell us your story. Why did you get started with Brits in the Bay?

In the last 8 years I’ve moved 5 times, changed jobs 3 times not including starting Brits in the Bay, gone from single to married and had two children which has involved a lot of starting over, finding things out (sometimes in a different language) and general trial and error. Through all that I’ve discovered what makes a difference is the people around you, your community, whether that’s the new people in your new home or office, your old friends that have stuck by you with the help of WhatsApp and FaceTime or your online buds. So that’s why I created Brits in the Bay. I believe in the power of community to make the world a kinder and more open place. If we can just get to know those around us a little better we can understand each other better and then treat each other with more kindness. At Brits in the Bay, we’re dedicated to creating a community for all those that find themselves in Silicon Valley for whatever reason, whether they’re former digital nomads looking to settle down at last, start-up whizzes here to create the next big thing or Apple fanboys or girls getting their dream job. We’re here to help them adjust to their new environment, find new places and people, keep their adventure going whilst putting down their roots. We want to make sure everyone gets to experience some of that cool California vibe whilst keeping it real with a healthy dose of British humour!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone trying to adjust to somewhere or something new?

Say yes! When I first moved back down to England after nearly 10 years in Scotland, I read Yes Man by Danny Wallace. It really encouraged me to start saying yes to things, before I knew it I was at a polo match, on an impromptu camping trip with old friends, and then a few months later engaged. When people reach out to you to invite you places, you can only say no so many times before they stop asking, so say yes, what’s the worst that can happen.

Leave us with your favorite inspiring quote:

This is the quote that inspired the whole idea of Brits in the Bay:Home is not where you are born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease.” -NAGUIB MAFOUZ

Where can we find you?

Website:  www.BritsintheBay.com

Instagram: @BritsintheBay

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